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How to OEM your own logo on the LED light?
How to deal with the Warranty with the LED supplier?
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How to OEM your LED package.

OEM package

How to OEM your LED package.

Nowadays, making own brand product are handy, and even for small business . The easiest way to have own brand product is to stick your logo on the packaging, and Chinese factory always willing to do that for you if you got order from their factory, offering all kinds solution for product packaging. In the following article, The different way to packaging your LED lighting. How to make own design packaging when you import products from China. 1.Inner package Usually the importer from the led lighting they would like to redesign their package, The normal package of the panel light or bulb like import to the foreign country will like the below picture,got English details,and some specification,but if you want your own logo on the package that should be discussed with the factory, Generally,the box package the factory always passed the package printing to the special factory to do that,usually if your quantity above to 1000pcs they factory will happy to cover the packaging fee for you,but if you only got few pieces they may charge you the extra fee to cover their budget,as your quantity is small the other factory will raise their price for the print not even that,if too small quantity they would not take over this job,so sometimes you do understand why small quantity the factory refuse to OEM to you,sometimes they are in vain.
OEM bag package
The other inner package is like the strip light,the lower voltage usually need a electrostatic bag to protect the strip light,low voltage strip light is a very special product,when come out you must put into this kind of bag,if not is very easy to make the strip light not work. But when printed on the electrostatic bag got some request,this kind of bag is very hard to get whatever color you want,as the bag is sliver ,and with its material,when you print the color on it,for example you want the background is white,but the effect come our may still more near sliver,as the material reasons ,sometimes please do remember the bag could not do whatever you want about the back ground,especial the white is very hard to do it. Then you will going to print the words on it,when you sent your logo to your factory to do this,please do remember sent the origin file,then they could modified and print it,do not sent PDF,usually PDF is not work,as they still need to modified the size to fit your bag
OEM box
 Finally is OEM the outer box Below are the box when the factory export to the foreign country,is simple,sometimes,if you do not need OEM box,but in order to your import procedure,you need the mark,please tell your sales in advance,they will make the mark for you and stick on the box.. If you’d love to your own size with your company details,like below,some request,Must arrive their MOQ,this is very important,got MOQ got the design you want.

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