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How to OEM your own logo on the LED light?

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How to OEM your LED package.
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How to OEM your own logo on the LED light?

How to OEM your own logo on the LED light?
  • 1.Laser

  • 2.Sticky


  • Usually panel light, down light, laser light, will be better.MOQ usually is 1000pcs. If less than the MOQ,may charge you the extra fee for the laser printed. Sometimes, the factory do not have the laser machine, there got the special factory is for the logo, the factory always pass the product to the other factory, if not enough quantity they would refuse to print for you,that is why the factory always need MOQ for you.Less factory will get the special machine for every procedure, they always passed to the professional. Without out the machine not means they are not professional factory, less people need OEM their logo,if you purchase one machine but less to use that is not a good deal for a brassiness man, even the Philips, Panasonic, Opple,etc , are passed to the outsourcing factory to do that,no mentioned the small and medium-size factory. There is a good way for you to save your budget if your MOQ is too small to their request. You could try the sticky on your product, usually is you do that, the factory will do not charge you more and the MOQ will be smaller. So the best you print the logo you could control in 5 words, that would be better, and every 1m , with one logo, that looks more nice

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